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Welcome to Arizona Sikh Gurdwara

Sikh Religious Society of Arizona is a non-profit organization which is working actively for the Sikh community in the state of Arizona. The Society is involved in many local projects for the benefit of the Sikh community. In November of 1996, it started working delegently towards the establishment of a new Gurdwara in Phoenix.

In 1999, a suitable location was purchased in the middle of town at 1129 E Sheridan Stree, Phoenix, Arizona and Arizona Sikh Gurdwara was founded. Since then services are regularly held on every Sunday at the Gurdwara.

A special chapter in the history of Arizona was written for the Sikhs on Thursday, January 21, 1999 when Sikhs held the opening ceremony of Arizona Sikh Gurdwara at 1129 E Sheridan in Phoenix. A large number of people participated in the Nishan Sahib raising ceremony and welcomed the arrival of Guru Granth Sahib in the evening.

Any information regarding special events and Gurpurabs can be obtained by calling 602-716-0408 or by visiting our website at